Sunday, October 19, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Colin

I am dumbfounded. Not struck mute, but dumbfounded. Colin Powell announced just about an hour ago that he is voting for Obama. And that's fine. It's his choice. Let me state here and now for the record: I respect Colin Powell. I love to hear him speak on important issues - he is so articulate, so confident, so knowledgeable, but this press release reads like it was written by the Obama folks, and I respectfully take issue with a few things.

Powell: Palin is not ready to be President.
Dots: Note to Powell: Palin is not running for President. If he's saying McCain is too old to be President, that's ageism. If he's implying that because McCain is the oldest, he will die first, that's ludicrous. None of us - regardless of our age - is guaranteed supper tonight.

Powell: McCain is "polarizing".
Dots: SAY WHAT? Obama is promoting class envy and class warfare. How is that building cohesion?

Powell: Obama is running an inclusive campaign.
Dots: Obama is black. His running mate is a white man who's a career politician and a known plagiarist. Maybe that's inclusive enough for some, but I again I mention the perpetuation of class warfare, of pitting people against each other. How inclusive is that?

Powell: A victory for Obama would electrify not just this country but the entire world.
Dots: While we can't ignore our relations with the rest of the world, I, for one, am ready to tend to our own backyard for a while.

Powell: McCain seems a "little unsure" as to how to deal with economic problems we are having. There seems to be a new plan every day.
Dots: Well, I guess that's proof that Obama's safe, evasive strategy works: don't get into specifics. Tell the people what they want to hear - just keep using the word "change" like you invented it, and that'll be enough.

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